Allan Dunstan has 40 years experience in finance and accounting ranging from public accounting (Ernst & Young) to the private sector. In 1982, he co-founded Desierto Verde (see more below), a tree salvage and wholesale nursery company, and took it from start-up to $10 million in revenues. He personally managed several large landscape projects including a $2 million site development for the Gila River Power Station.

Following the sale of Desierto Verde in 2005, Dunstan moved to Ajo and purchased the properties now being offered.

Allan currently operates Ajo Botanical Company, a plant nursery and landscape service firm. He serves on the local Chamber of Commerce Board and chairs its Marketing Committee.

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Voted The Best of Arizona Landscape Contractors

Desierto Verde, a 23 year journey for Allan
Desierto Verde originated a method of saving mature desert trees which became the standard for the industry in Arizona. Prior to the 1980’s, native desert trees were bulldozed and generally not used commercially or by homeowners. But once the company made these plants available, planners and architects demanded them. It started with upscale developments like Desert Highlands in Scottsdale and then trickled down to virtually every project in the metro Phoenix and Tucson areas. As a result, the face of development was changed and most agree for the better.

allanlargepic(Left) Allan and other company officers with an ancient Ironwood, one of the thousands of mature desert trees salvaged and given new lives by Desierto Verde. We were proud to be ranked in Arizona Business magazine’s Top Ten every year since the inception of the poll until the company was sold in 2005.

Historical Note: The Ajo Connection
The idea to salvage trees was that of Phil Hebets, a visionary who co-founded Desierto Verde. Allan had the interest in plants and also the financial and administrative background to help Phil make the vision a reality. Phil and another friend, Don Fedock, loved Ajo and bought property here more than 30 years ago. It was Don who dug the first tree a few hundred feet from Ajo’s open pit mine.

A Personal Statement from Allan
Plants were a hobby that became a business for me. Now landscaping is a passion that I am pursuing here in Ajo with a mission of making it the most beautiful town in southern Arizona.

Although I am offering these properties for sale, my intention is to live here for the rest of my life. As such, I would like to stay involved after the sale to do the landscape design and site development if the buyer so desires. I would also consider a range of possibilities for partnering on a project with a like-minded buyer/ investor/ developer.

Thank you for your interest in Ajo Exceptional Properties.